A girl in a school gym backlit by windowlight
A christmas scene of people enjoying a coffee in a starbucks window at night time
Advertising image of a football locker room with shirts hanging advertising
Photograph of a horse in garage walking past a car commercial
A DJ in her apartment listening to music with vinyls behind her
An empty plinth in front of a football stadium awaiting a statue to be placed on it, shot for Barclaycard advertising
Barclaycard billboard of pottery class
girl in science class looking at beaker for the Co-op
World Rugby commission group portrait for advertising
Photograph of runner with a muddy back after completing a race
A woman wrapped in a blanket in her kitchen at night time, lit buy a lamp
A man leaning on a bench table and smiling in to camera, sat in a daylight flooded office
The profile of a man at a Natwest cash point at night time.
The singer Kwabs wearing Beats By Dre headphones in a recording studio
The actor Blake Harrison looking in to camera holding his chin on a blue background. Photographed for 1883 magazine.
Miniature model cyclists on a holiday by the side of a road
A girl laughing at school with her friends in a Co-op polo shirt
Photograph of Liverpool FC women team players laughing portrait
A woman on a white background wiping a tear away from his eye as she is so proud. For Wren Kitchens.
kids laughing and playing on metal stairs in Birmingham advertising
swimmer in pool from above shot with a drone
Portrait of a woman on the Wellcome Campus wearing a mask
A healthy young woman making a smoothie in her kitchen after using Samsung wellness products to monitor her workouts.
A boy wrapped in a towel after getting out of the pool on a sunny holiday for Tui advertising
a man in a dressing gown looking at a new car with a saleswoman
Man and son hugging in the sea by Dan Ross
A man on a white background wiping a tear away from his eye as he is so proud. For Wren Kitchens.
photographer-dan-ross-census-2021-advertising-photographer - 03
A man taking a picture of an LG logo at a conference
A double image of some Adidas shoes both on and off feet for an advertising campaign
Old man looking out of window for Natwest
A group of female rugby players standing proud and looking in to camera for World Rugby
4 people posed for a portrait on a balcony in old street in London
A shot of a runner on a blacked out track in an old warehouse factory for an advertising campaign for ASICS
Man taking photo on phone for google
Commercial Photograph for a national rail campaign by Dan Ross
A man peeking over a cafe menu in to camera, trying to not be seen.
Miralem Pjanić walking out of a changing room on to the football pitch in his Juventus kit
An advertising image for Adidas Originals
A young woman who has just been woken squints and shields her eyes as daylight lights up her bedroom
Used teaspoon neatly placed on someones desk
An older woman at a market smiling in to camera
ASICS runner in the dark
A dark moody portrait of a woman with a full back tattoo shot for Natwest advertising
An architect looking over her office
A girl with an inflatable unicorn ring playing in a swimming pool on holiday
Friends chatting in a Dickensian window of a Starbucks at night time
People gathered at an ice cream van in a sunny park waiting for ice cream
Miniature cars in a car park for Barclaycard advertising
An old runner in a changing room lit by a window looking in to camera
Sillhouette of a woman in a doorway bringing breakfast in bed to her daughter still asleep.
A woman does her exercises in her sunny garden using Samsung wellness products
A mother and daughter hugging in their living room at night time
A man wearing BOSE headphones on regent street in London
A man arriving with his bags to a running club in London
A woman in an orange top entering a corridor next to a large LG logo
A man and son having a playfight with a bicycle pump infront of their garage
A woman working on her sofa listening to music through some headphones
A father carrying a birthday cake for his child in his kitchen
A group from a martial arts club posing in front of a bright blue sports hall for Barclaycard advertising
Portrait of a family by an upturned bicycle
LG play more logo on a wall in neon
A bowls team in London pose for a photo on their green.
Man in back of taxi looking through window natwest
A young girl reaching up to grab two ice creams from a woman selling them. For Barclaycard advertising
Chris Powell photographed in the stands at Southend FC
Starbucks campaign street photography through a window at night time
Juan Cuadrado leaving the changing rooms on to the football pitch

In this section you can find both editorial and commercial commissions.